Great. I’ve answered and documented all of the controls in my assessment. Now what?

The reason risk assessments are performed is to pinpoint the areas that need improvement and of course, to improve them.  The phase we call Remediation.

You now have a score.  Maybe it’s not that good either.  Time to remediate.  When in remediation, the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) tab is where you will be the most. This is where you will see all of the vulnerabilities you have exposed from the assessment and where there is work to be done. If you are the assessor or admin, you will also be adding recommendations and adding any remaining data to see the assessment to remediation completion. You can also create and assign tasks to your colleagues based on the corrective line items.

Answer Modal (CAP)

You can change/add anything about your corrective line item by clicking the corresponding button in the far right column: Add recommendations or add/view tasks associated with a CAP item here:

Create tasks…

View all tasks related to this CAP item..

Tasks (CAP)

This view lists all of your task items related to the assessment. Most will probably be related to individual CAP items (See CAP Ref# column). They link back to CAP/Question items in the previous tabs.

Task (Details)

Now get to work and improve that score!  See you at your next annual assessment.

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