Completing a Risk Assessment is more than just answering the control questions

Yes… Answering the control questions is the most important part of the risk assessment.  But adding the finer details and documentation adds more, especially for those who complete those assessments in the future.  You know a lot about your vulnerabilities in your organization, but you don’t know where you will be in the future years.  Here’s a run through on all of your risk assessment data options for making a more thorough assessment.

Using the Assessment Questionnaire

By clicking the “Go to Assessment” button on the dash. This takes you to the assessment in scripted (wizard) form. This is generally the 1st phase of assessment completion. You can freely move forward and back through the assessment questions without answering them or jump to specific categories in the process. Expanding the questions unveils reference information, comments, upload files related to the question that document you answer. You want to be as thorough as you can by providing comments and supporting files.

Assessment Questionnaire View (Wizard)

Adding supporting data

By clicking the “Add more details” hyperlink to the right of the questions will allow you to add supporting data to back up your answer.  This is where the guts are in the data.  Most control answers will or should require further explaining of the situation especially if it not fully addressed.  Fill in the free text comment section as well as upload any support docs (Excel, Word, images) to support your answers.

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